Electrical and Technology for Facilities

Individuals become frustrated with the lack of control they have in the facility, so we put tools in your hand so you can monitor and control your facility without needing to be there.

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  • Custom built PLC monitoring and control for manure pumps and separators, greenhouses and much more.
  • Ability to control equipment via internet or texting.


What if…you would know immediately when your electric equipment has a problem?

Maybe you would receive a text alert. Maybe the pit would not overflow. Maybe the plants would not get frosted in the greenhouse. Maybe you would know if a motor overheats on the grain system. Maybe the grain leg would stop when the belt tears and you would know about it immediately.

What if…you could operate your equipment remotely with your smart phone or tablet?

Maybe you would unload grain from the comfort of your truck or tractor. Maybe you would keep tabs on your separator and pumps. Maybe you would adjust temperature and irrigation controls in the greenhouse from the comfort of your home or office. Maybe some of your worries would be over.

But these are only big ideas, right? Farming will never be this hassle-free and convenient! Wrong!

In today’s world, efficiency is key. Breakdowns cost money. Feed is expensive. Margins are slim.

Why not maximize your time and let our controls do the work?

Let’s get started! Fill in the form below and let us know what your dream is. We will be happy to dream with you and turn your dream into reality!

About Quiktricity LLC

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Quiktricity LLC provides diversified electrical and technology services to the ag industry. We understand the demands of farming and the need for reliable products and services. Our vehicles are equipped with tools and supplies for on-site service. Most of the products we service and sell are installed directly at your site and are modified to meet your specific needs. The team at Quiktricity LLC is dedicated to providing technology solutions to help farmers improve their quality of life and widen margins with technology.

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Thank you for your interest in our custom automation and technology solutions! We look forward to helping you solve your automation needs! You can either give us a call and we’ll be glad to chat with you, or fill out the form and we’ll get in touch with you.